Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not Too Many Sleeps Left Now...

Just wanted to pop in with a couple of cards I managed to put together towards this holiday season.  Nothing too flash but passable.  LOL

At the moment, I am trying to come up with some clever craft ideas for the kids.  We always love to have a couple of mega craft days before Christmas just to make something decorative for our home.  I sure wouldn't mind hearing any fab ideas you might have suitable for the kids including the wee ones (ages 3 to 12).  I am seriously drawing up blanks at the moment.  Rock on January!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it tremendously! x

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Slowly, Slowly Is The Way...

The title of this post must be my (not so) closet motto for this festive season which is fast approaching.  I have only made a handful of Christmas cards this month!  Eek gads! I am not so convinced that even if I were to get a wriggle on, I would have made and mailed all the cards that need doing to meet my holiday requirements.  But seeing that there are still nearly a fortnight left of sleeps before the Big Fella arrives, I might not throw in the towel just yet. *wink* 

This is just a quick little number I whipped up using mainly Papertrey Ink's holiday bits and bobs circa 2012 with the sentiment frame being the exception.  The sentiment frame stamp is a good'un from Waltzingmouse Stamps' Vintage Labels No. 18.

So best leave this a short and sweet post and get back to crafting.  Thanks a bunch for looking.  Catch ya soon!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost A One Layered Wonder...Maybe?

Do you think this card will count as a one layered wonder if I tell you that it is really a one layered card hiding beneath the two thoroughly glued down slopey hills?  Didn't thinks so.  Hehe.  I was trying my darnedest to do a one layered card but when the thought of those darling wee gingham and graph paper hills came to mind it was stuck there and wasn't gonna budge until I crafted them.  D'oh!

This card was crafted with Papertrey Ink goodies from across the years.  I must say, it is rather satisfying to create using some older items, and still feel they are rather current (albeit it possibly so, only within my own lunchbox).  I am entering this card into Papertrey Ink's Make It Monday challenge.  I am fairly certain it has been well over a year, if not more, since I participated in one... so I thought why not?  The challenge was to create using glitter detail.  Although, I am not a stranger to glitter, I don't use it too, too often, but enjoy it when I do.  I used some Prisma Glitter across the wire the birds have precariously perched upon and a few squirts on the petals of the flower at the base of the one tree.  C'est Tout.

Thanks a big bunch for stopping by.  Here's to a love-filled day for us all!