Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ahh Choo!

Just a quickish post today to share a quick card I made in hopes of warding off the dreaded Ahh Choos that seem to have invaded my household of late.   I know the horse has already bolted so to speak, but here's hoping this card will serve to ward off any further incursions of plague and pestilence from entering our home for the moment at the very least.  Wishful thinking I somehow suspect.  Not a dry nose in sight (save mine currently) in the Adcock household.

It's winter here in Australia and it has been cold and rainy as of late and it is looking rather set in.  And...as we all know, kids seem to prefer to learn things in a rather selective fashion.  Take for example, my two year old can not only walk up stairs and chew gum at the same time (something I have yet to perfect), but has figured out how to hook up the Wii so he can get his Mario Cart groove on in the middle of the night when he (we) ought to be sleeping!  Mind you, he has to crawl out of his bed, head downstairs in the dark, get the light on, TV on, switch the Wii on and have the controllers found (something the bigger kids have yet to perfect) all by himself in order to have an uninterrupted run of the game while the rest of the household sleeps, well that is until I realize he is gone...again.  But yet, he is too afraid or unwilling to get a tissue from any of the many tissue boxes scattered around the house and at arms reach in order to wipe his nose!  I can assure you, I stopped buying those biting tissue boxes quite sometime ago. *wink* Worse bit is though, that the older kids are no better!  So, we are currently living on a medicinal diet of fresh oranges, orange juice and homemade chicken soup at the moment interspersed with some candy for good measure (as directed by Dr. Mary Poppins, of course) hoping to move this sneezy sucker on.  Ah, the joys of motherhood! 

I used Hero Arts Engraved Fruits and Papertrey Ink's Friendship Jar, Friendship Jar Fillers: Spring and Paper Tray stamps to make this little "get well" number.  The base cardstock was embossed with a Cuttlebug embossing folder called Bubbles (I think?).  C'est tout.  Told ya it was a quickie.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Keep well. x


email: Steph@SimonSaysStamp.com said...

Very nice! This would make anyone feel better--A little vitamin c is all you need.

Thanks for entering Simon Says Stamp Challenge--Renee, Simon Says Stamp

Danielle said...

Love this card! Especially the color combo.

Leigh said...

Oh, that is too funny about your two year old getting up in the middle of the night to play the Wii! Sounds like something my boys would have done if we'd had one when they were that little! Hmmmmm, come to think of it, it sounds like something they'd do now! I'd beter not let them see your post! LOL!
Fabulous cards! I hope your household feels better soon and that you stay well!

Dana said...

Mary Poppins and biting tissue boxes? Nighttime forays into the gaming world? Fresh juice and soup? I'm coming over to your house, Stat.