Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forever In My Heart.

Hello Lovely Ones.   My how I have missed you.  I have been AWOL for the last little while because I was exhibiting at the Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival from the 19th to the 22nd of May.  And prior to those long but lovely 4 days, I was beading my little heart out in preperation for the Festival.   Even though I do festivals and markets every weekend, I have to have much much more stock for sale than I do normally for this bad boy.  Needless to say, I was a beading fool!  The days were rather successful which is always nice.  Seeing that the festival is held in a premier venue, the stand prices are crazy expensive...in the thousands.  So, this little duck bought the smallest one available as you would imagine.  It was 2 meters square (approx. 6 foot square in old money).  You couldn't even swing a cat in it (I mean if you were so inclined that is).   And yes, as you probably have gathered, The entrance and exit of my weeny stand was from under the table!  Don't worry, I soon perfected how not to bump my head each time I entered or exited.  "Each" being the operative word here.  I was absolutely determined to get my monies worth and decorated my little shoebox to the best of my abilities.  My set up was pretty much the same as I do generally when I am outside minus the dodads that require electricity of course or can't stand up to sudden changes in weather.  I also had the luxury of leaving my stuff there overnight which was fabulous as the "setting up" and "breaking down" does get seriously tiresome.  The breakdown and packing up is especially hard if you've not made any money!  I definitely made the most of being able to leave my stand set up and be out the door for the evening within 15 minutes of close of trade as opposed to the usual hour and a half it takes normally though.  That's for sure.  If your wondering about the name of my stand, I trade under the name of The Crystal Whisperer® when I am only selling my bracelets and rocks, and not papercraft.  When I am in full flight, I trade under my business name Rocks, Paper Scissors® when I can have the joyous lot. Mmmmm.

The bestest thing of all was that I had a digital photo frame on my stand that I positively loaded up with lots of pictures of my cards and kept it in slideshow mode the entire time.  I had to represent, of course.  Cheeky I know, but papercraft is the blood isn't it?  Forever in my heart.  Plus, I know you all will totally understand.

While it was a wonderful festival albeit exhausting, I am just starting to come good and very much looking forward to getting my papercraft on.  But most of all...Thanks so much for stopping by.  Hugs galore! 


Cathy Weber said...

Wow, your setup is beautiful Jen. I would pay money to see you crawl yourself from under that table, or even more to see you swing a cat around in there! How funny. I am glad you had a successful show. When you do a papercraft show, make sure to show us some pictures of that as well. I would love to see them.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful table, Jen! So glad you had a successful time. And I love that you had a slideshow of your cards :)

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Wow Jen! Sounds like you had a fab time! Hope it was successful :)

Lorraine said...

Wow, your exhibit is gorgeous - dreamy, Jen! Wish I could see your bracelets in the photos! Glad it was a success!